Our Team

Prohelion is a commercial spin-off of the TeamArrow solar car racing team, commercializing electric vehicle technologies based on innovations created in TeamArrow.

Our core team have all been leaders of Team Arrow in their areas of speciality, bringing a passion for technology and a never-give-up attitude.

Cameron Tuesley Founder, Director
Cameron Tuesley is the Co-Founder and Director of Prohelion. An innovative entrepreneur, Cameron posseses strong business management acumen combined with extensive IT experience. Cameron holds a Bachelor of Information Technology, Computer Science from the Queensland University of Technology.
Anthony Prior Founder, CEO
Anthony Prior is the Co-Founder and CEO of Prohelion. Leading technological change for over 20 years, Anthony breathes life into ideas, guiding them into reality. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems from the University of Queensland and an MBA from the Queensland University of Technology.
Richard Cummack Product Engineer
Richard Cummack holds the position of Product Engineer at Prohelion. A talented engineer, Richard brings the ability to master new domains to bring a multi-disiplinary approach to product development. Richard holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the Queensland University of Technology.
Samuel Mostert Electronics
Sam Mostert holds the position of Electronics Engineer at Prohelion. Passionate for electrconic design, Sam is responsible for the development of our key electronic systems. Sam holds a Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical Electronics and Communications, from the Queensland University of Technology.
Jason Queen Software Engineer
Jason Queen Software
Jason holds the position of Software Engineer at Prohelion. Jason brings a breadth and depth of experience with his expertise ranging from embedded systems to enterprise web development. Jason holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), Computer and Software Systems, from the Queensland University of Technology.