Our Services

Whether your application is automotive, aviation, marine or stationary storage . We provide end-to-end services from design and manufacturing to delivery and monitoring.

Ultra Lightweight Design

Lightweight Battery Design

We specialise in designing ultra lightweight batteries to suit any application. Our Mechanical Engineering team loves pushing the boundaries of physics and design. We have over 8 years of experience designing structures using carbon fibre composites, glass fibre composites and aluminium.

Energy Storage Solutions

Following in the footsteps of our friends over at Tritium, our Electrical Engineering team has a strong passion for power electronics and renewable energy. We provide in-house electronic design services for all types of energy storage and harvesting. We offer bespoke power distribution and battery management systems. Safety and reliability are our number one priorities.

Flexible Battery Management
Fully Integrated Software

Software Development Consulting

With a combined experience of over 30 years in the IT industry, our Software Engineering team has capabilities of extreme breadth and depth.
Whether your development requirements include firmware, embedded Linux, robotics, autonomous vehicles, data integration, cyber security, identity management, cloud computing, web applications, big data or machine learning. Our team of highly talented software engineers can no doubt provide the consulting your project needs.

Tailor-Made Solar Arrays

Custom-built solar arrays. Our distinguished Engineering team is capable of designing and manufacturing solar arrays to suit any application or shape. Tailored solar cell encapsulation techniques that provide the highest power-to-weight ratio. We can use any solar cell and any encapsulation material you desire.

Super Efficient Solar

Battery Tab Welding

Prohelion can provide custom battery welding and assembly services.
We have the ability to weld 50 – 200 um nickel tabs to Cylindrical batteries using our Miyachi HF2 series spot welder and can custom design and provide tabs, connectors and busbars to your specification.