Elmar Solar Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT)

A Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) is used to maximize the energy delivered from a solar module array to a battery in varying light conditions.

The Elmar Solar MPPT range is designed with solar car racing teams competing in the World Solar Challenge in mind. It boasts an impressive cost/efficiency profile while remaining extremely lightweight.

The MPPT uses a boost converter circuit, comes with integrated maximum power point tracking algorithm and has li-ion charge capability. It can handle powers up to 1000W with a peak efficiency of over 99.3% while having a weight of only 395 gram.

Race Proven

Part of a family of MPPTs developed through years of competition and race tested in Solar Car events around the world.

Integrated Systems

Fully integrated into Profinity software management solutions.

Independently Tested

Independently tested by Yokogawa to show MPPT optimizes the panel’s output voltage to maximize the amount of power generated by the solar panel array. Download report here.


  • Tracking algorithm optimized for solar cars driving up to 130km/h
  • Data transmission via CAN Bus
  • End of charge current control for safe and optimal battery charging

Can be modified for higher or lower voltage battery systems on request.

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