The IQ System is an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) for any type of lithium-chemistry battery packs. It is comprised of a single battery pack master controller connected to multiple cell management modules. The units function together to protect and control the entire battery pack.

Without the BMS a high voltage battery pack is at risk of operating outside of specified limits, potentially leading to complete failure of the individual cells. The Prohelion BMS eliminates this risk, by reliably monitoring each cell and maintaining operation within the set limits. It can also completely disconnect the battery pack if any voltage or temperature limit is exceeded.

The IQ BMS is a full battery management system, not just a battery monitoring system. During the charge cycle the Prohelion BMS is capable of bypassing fully charged cells – providing a top-of-charge balance for the entire battery pack and overcoming cell differences due to age and manufacturing variations.



Battery Management System

BMS Starter Kit

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