The WaveSculptor22 requires a position sensor to be able to control the motor. It can also measure the temperature of the motor, and gradually reduce the motor current if this temperature rises.

Since there are many possible combinations of position and temperature sensors, the interface on the motor controller has been implemented in a generic manner. Small adapter circuit boards are used to adapt the sensors in that motor to the interface required by the WaveSculptor22. The WaveSculptor provides isolated, regulated +5V and +12V DC to power the external adapter. Refer to the datasheet for specifications on these supplies.

The WaveSculptor provides four isolated differential inputs for information from the motor. Three of these are normally used for three Hall-effect position sensors. The fourth channel is routed to a UART serial receiver, and expects digital data. Depending on the adapter board, this data may contain temperature, position, velocity, or a combination of all three.

The following motor interface board types are available:

Motor Interface Board Types