Our Products

Prohelion produces a range of products providing lightweight, high energy, mobile power systems.


The Prohelion Integrated Mobile Power System utilises a modular, flexible design to produce battery packs in multiple configurations. The packs designed for 2019 BWSC Challenger Class use five power sub-modules and one control module to provide systems with over 5kWh capacity, encapsulated in a strong and light carbon-fibre/fibreglass case.

Custom solution are also provide for other vehicle configurations such as Cruiser using our modular 1kWh blocks.

Battery Management System (BMS)

The IQ System is an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) for any type of lithium-chemistry battery packs. It is comprised of a single battery pack master controller connected to multiple cell management modules. The units function together to protect and control the entire battery pack.

Without the BMS a high voltage battery pack is at risk of operating outside of specified limits, potentially leading to complete failure of the individual cells. The Prohelion BMS eliminates this risk, by reliably monitoring each cell and maintaining operation within the set limits. It can also completely disconnect the battery pack if any voltage or temperature limit is exceeded.

Elmar Solar Race MPPT


A Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) is used to maximize the energy delivered from a solar module array to a battery in varying light conditions.

The Race MPPT uses a boost converter circuit, comes with integrated maximum power point tracking algorithm and has li-ion charge capability. It can handle powers up to 1000W with a peak efficiency of over 99.3% while having a weight of only 395 grams.

The Elmar Solar Race MPPT is designed with solar car racing teams competing in the World Solar Challenge in mind. It boasts an impressive cost/efficiency profile while remaining extremely lightweight.

Solar Arrays

Prohelion designs and builds custom solar panels using our own processes and equipment.

Our panels are unique, in that they use the very highest efficiency Sunpower solar cells (available only to selected organisations) coupled with Gorilla Glass and an specialist anti reflective coating to produce a very high power to weight ratio glass array.

Previously light weight arrays had been made using poly-carbonate plastics which wear and degrade.  Our glass arrays are strong, very light and highly efficient.