Very high power, lightweight solar panels

Prohelion designs and builds custom solar panels using our own processes and equipment.

Our panels are unique, in that they use the very highest efficiency Sunpower solar cells (available only to selected organisations) coupled with Gorilla Glass and an specialist anti reflective coating to produce a very high power to weight ratio glass array.

Previously light weight arrays had been made using poly-carbonate plastics which wear and degrade.  Our glass arrays are strong, very light and highly efficient.

In fact we believe that they are likely the highest power to weight ratio silicon / glass arrays available today.


Our arrays are proven in a race environment.  We know they last, they are strong and they are very efficient.


Hand built with the highest efficiency silicon cells available, coupled with high strength gorilla glass and our own specialist manufacturing process.  The Sunpower cells that we use are around 25% efficient, almost twice the efficiency of a normal solar cell.  A 5sqm Prohelion glass array, weighs just 11kg.


Designing an array can be a daunting experience. With Prohelion you are supported by our experienced team.


Plug and go solutions, compatible with other components of the Prohelion Solution.


Prohelion has worked closely with the WSC faculty to ensure compliance with regulations. Providing you do not make modifications to the array passing scrutineering will be a breeze.  Plus, we will be there to support you if you need help.

Prohelion Solar Arrays

If you are interested in a Prohelion Glass Array please contact us via this link.  All our arrays are custom built to order and designed by our team to your requirements.